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Oxygen tubing, PETC, AVIH, stretcher, carry-on, extra seat, handicapped and other special discounts are not supported.

Show location Cost center view (calendar service) PNR creation Create a domestic ticket (overseas participant) and a foreign ticket Cancel Return (during the integration phase) Change (during the integration phase) Splitting (during the integration phase) (baby ticket can not be shared) PNR imaging E ticket imaging CIP exit seat sale (during the integration phase) Fee notes (at the time of integration) Wheelchair (WCHR) Dining Choice and seat reservation

Children who are in their second year of age and have not crossed the age of 12 and are accompanied by their parents will receive a seat and the applicable price will be calculated for the flown distance they are traveling. Children who have flown on the departure date as their child price on the return flight have completed their 12th year of age, do not need to pay a supplement

0-2 years old does not occupy seat. A parent can accompany at most one baby. The age of the companion outside the parent must be older than 18. They are not admitted to TC flights within the first 48 hours after the baby

Babies who have not finished their 7th day will not be admitted to the flight, even if they are with their parents. You can only travel with your parent or legal guardian from 8 days - 2 years old. There is a baby fee. Children aged 2 - 7 years may not travel alone, only accompanied or supervised by the stewardess, for which a fee of OW child rate will be charged. Children from 7 - 12 years may travel alone with the written permission of the parents or legally represented person, with the condition that the entire flight is a hard booking and the written permission of the parents is present, in case of a claim an OW child charge applies.

For severely disabled passengers applicable classes

WCHR (RAMP) Up to the airplane for long-haul passengers, who can climb the stairs up and down. WCHS (Steps) For passengers who can not step up and down the stairs, but can walk in the cabin. WCHC (cabin) For passengers with reduced mobility who can not walk. WCOB (On Board) For passengers with reduced mobility

Passenger declaration is essential for the duration of the pregnancy. No reports are requested from pregnant travelers who have not completed 28 weeks (7 months). Travelers should be asked how many weeks they are pregnant and how many babies are waiting. A single pregnant passenger may travel between 28 and 36 weeks with the report of his doctor

Passengers requesting any type of cardiovascular, thoracic and brain diseases or conditions associated with the operations in which they are involved. Asthma, other acute lung diseases and respiratory failure due to heart disease, Toddlers 7 days old Ongoing cancer patients with therapy and treatment Passengers who have had a stroke in the last 8 weeks due to a heart attack or a cerebral hemorrhage / cerebral hemorrhage. You will be admitted to the flight with the doctor

A journey that requires the use of electrical or pneumatic tools during flight Passengers who have asthma attack before the plane closes the door Newborns within the first 48 hours Passengers with communicable disease are infectious. They are not allowed to fly


BB (Bed and Breakfast): bed and breakfast HB (half board): half board FB (full board): full board RO (rooms only): Room only Companies: Breakfast: breakfast SGL (single room): single room DBL (Double Room): Large Double Room Twin Room: Two single beds Triple Room: Room with three single beds Family 2 Bed Room (Connected Room): Two-Bedroom Family Room Quadruple Room: Four single beds

The date on which the amount is collected is indicated on the invoice.

The system has debited the money, although no reservation has been made.

When will the reservation request be confirmed?

In the hotel's availability, the receptionist is assisted at check-in. There is no guarantee

It is an affordable room, usually without a window and in the basement. Economy Room It is not suitable to request a room with a view and nice room for reservation.

If the price difference is paid, this is possible.

It depends on the availability of the hotel and the helpfulness of the receptionist. Otherwise, check-in is possible at 14:00.

It depends on the availability of the hotel and the helpfulness of the receptionist. Otherwise the check-out time is 12:00.

s it possible to cancel for free if the booking is not correct?

If the option time has expired, a free cancellation is not possible.

The booking of the hotel can take 2 to 3 hours until the reservation is booked. If the arrival is at a later date, this can take even longer over the system.

Nationality TC can be selected by registration.

This is not possible, you have the option to file a written complaint with the evidence.

How much is my commission?


Rental cars can only be used within the borders of Turkey

The brand of the rented vehicle is unfortunately not selectable, only the vehicle group can be selected, but ATR tries to consider the brand group.

The snow chains are included in the rental price, but child seat and other extras are calculated separately and are not included in the rental price. Prices can be found in our system.

The rental car may only be driven by those persons stated in the reservation. In the system you have the possibility to specify several drivers. The 1st and 2nd driver can be indicated in the system when making the reservation. If required for several names, please let us know in writing After you have received written confirmation from us, the persons can drive the rented vehicle.

The driver who rents the vehicle must have at least a valid driver

The rented vehicle is handed over with an empty tank and taken back in the same way. If the vehicle is returned with excess fuel, there will be no refund.

If the customer wants to receive the vehicle, the following documents must be presented: voucher, passport, driving license, cash deposit between € 200 and € 600. It is mandatory to have a credit card for the groups XL and Luxury Car. In addition, driver's licenses and passport copies must be presented during vehicle delivery

The days of deposit extension are paid for the traffic fines that may arise after the delivery of the vehicle, and the damage is handled when necessary. The deposit will be refunded in full if any of these conditions are not met.

It is important to ensure that old damage that the vehicle has at the time of takeover must be stated in the rental agreement. What to do if a road or radar costs incurred? In such cases, the penalty incurred must be paid immediately and the receipt of the car rental company presented and a photocopy to keep. Unpaid penalties must be reported to ATR Touristik.

The insurance covers all damage to the rental car

Credit cards are not required for rental payments. Full and luxury vehicle deposit payments are made by credit card only.

The rental vehicle must be paid in full upon reservation.

If the vehicle is delivered on the date specified in the contract and 2 hours later than the agreed time, the 1-day rental fee must be paid as an extra.

Advantageous special prices of our company can be used. These promotional prices are limited to

First of all, all information should be given to the system exactly and correctly. In case of acceptance of reservation request, reservation confirmation is sent to our customers


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